Our Process

Step 1

Premium Ingredients

Every bottle of Moneybag Vodka starts with pure, crisp Canadian water and 100% organic Canadian wheat and barley. Because pure ingredients make better spirits.

Step 2

Fermentation & Distillation

Before distilling, our ingredients are fermented for exactly two weeks in an airtight chamber to reach the right alcohol content. Our vodka is then carefully distilled to create a strong, clear spirit that’s combined with demineralized water to bring it down to 80 proof (40% ABV).

Step 3


The secret of our smooth taste is the filtration. Every ounce of Moneybag Vodka is filtered five times through both carbon and gold. This eliminates any impurities and gives the finished spirit depth, smoothness and premium flavour.

Step 4


Moneybag Vodka is made for all the ways you celebrate. It’s perfect for mixing or making craft cocktails. But it’s also smooth enough to sip straight on the rocks.